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Since 1977 we have continually had a successful history that allows us to be leaders in the sweet citrus juice market in Argentina and also to export to the most demanding markets oversea. 


Our growth has been based on a careful elaboration of several products using the most modern technology with an attitude focused on our customers satisfaction. Effort and tenacity are part of our company´s philosophy.



The quality of all our products and services is guaranteed by strict controls of raw materials, production lines and final products.

To achieve this, we combine a solid, highly-trained human team into modern laboratories fully equipped with vanguard instruments, such as digital refractometers, automatic labelers, flame photometer, UV scanning spectrophotometer and gas chromatographs for essential oil analysis. Always respecting the environment.



Strict controls and analysis of the organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of all our products are carried out, using for this purpose digital refractometers, automatic titrators, flame photometers, UV scanning spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph for the analysis of essential oils and HPLC chromatograph for ensure food safety in terms of the presence of pesticide residues, etc.

Always respecting the environment.


The continuous improvement process and the efforts we make to achieve customer satisfaction, have won awards both in our country, and abroad.

In 1995 and 1998 we received the Premio Invertir (Investing Award) from the Argentine Republic, in 2006 the Government of Entre Ríos Province honored us with the Premio al Exportador Entrerriano (Exporter Award), awards which are evidence of initiative, strength and a permanent disposition for investment, technical and productive updating.

Quality certificates and awards, guarantee the excellence of the products and the investment policy of Litoral Citrus. 

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