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We have four processing plants with infrastructure and logistics: warehouses, administrative offices, and a modern fleet of refrigerated transport, which allows us to achieve levels of productivity and services in accordance with international standards. The service areas also include Laboratories for Analysis, Development and Quality, Refrigerated Chambers with a 40,000 drums capacity; facilities for steam generation, electrical power, water and industrial effluent treatment, engineering and maintenance.

Concordia Industrial Plant - Entre Ríos

In an area of 50,600 m2 it has an installed capacity of 460 tons of fruit/day. Enlargements, re-equipment and optimization processes have raised the quality of our products to first-level standards.

Bella Vista Industrial Plant - Corrientes

This plant was leased since 1997 and was acquired in 2003. The property has 3,500 m2 and its capacity is 280 tons of fruit/day. 

Tucumán Industrial Plant - Tucumán

The company incorporated this plant in 1997. Located in an area of 80,000 m2, its installed capacity is 480 tons of fruit / day. We mainly process lemons, taking part into the world's most important region for this activity.

Formosa Industrial Plant  -  Formosa

Our engineering staff projected and built this Plant in 1988.  It has an area of ​​13,000 m2 and its capacity is 220 tons of fruit/ day. Grapefruit is mainly processed here.

Establishment Citrícola Olivares de Federación SA - Entre Ríos


We have a 355 Ha Citrus Groves and around 80,000 trees in production in Colonia La Argentina, Federación Department, Entre Ríos.

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